2016/05/28 - Apache Tuscany has been retired.

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Tools for SCA

Purpose of this page is to share with the Tuscany community information about available open source SCA tools.

Eclipse SOA Tools Platform (STP)

The Eclipse SOA Tools Platform(ST) aims to build frameworks and tools that enable the design, configuration, assembly, deployment, monitoring, and management of software designed around a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

The STP/SCA sub project provides a set of tools for the Service Component Architecture (SCA).

STP/SCA subproject: SCA Composite Designer

The SCA Composite Designer is an Eclipse graphical development environment for the construction of SCA composite assemblies. The designer supports Tuscany elements like RMI binding or Script implementation. It works with Tuscany 1.1, and it's planned to support Tuscany 1.2.

In STP/SCA sub project web page, you can find a tutorial named "First Steps with the SCA Composite Designer". You will learn how to build and run your first SCA application in 20 minutes! The tutorial addresses the following points:

  • How to install STP/SCA plugins and Apache Tuscany,
  • How to define an SCA assembly with the SCA Composite Designer,
  • How to refine properties in an SCA assembly,
  • How to define an SCA assembly with different implementation technologies,
  • How to define an RMI binding,
  • How to run and test SCA assemblies with Tuscany.

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